What can MTEC do for my business?

We can provide you with training, certification and resources to help sustain and grow your business.

Tourism Retail

Whether you are a retail business in a mall or at a tourist destination, MTEC can assist you to remain or become profitable. The current retail environment is changing and we are facing more competition than ever... (read more)

Food and Beverage Services

If you have or want to acquire a liquor license, the Serving It Safe Responsible Service and Safety training offered at MTEC is mandatory. SAFE Hospitality also offers . . .(read more)


We have customized workshops available for every individual in an organization, from the owner operator/general manager to the front line staff. We can prepare employees  for promotions by teaching supervisory skills... (read more)

Transportation and Travel Services

Our customer service, and emerit training programs offer knowledge that will benefit those in the transportation and travel industries. . . (read more)

Recreation and Entertainment

Manitoba based recreation and entertainment facilities and organizations benefit from our existing and custom training programs designed . . . (read more)


MTEC is pleased to offer complimentary training for Managers, Owners Supervisors and employees currently working in Manitoba Hair Salons. 

The Government of Manitoba is providing funding to help salons improve business operations – resulting in the long term sustainability of these Manitoba businesses.  The training will improve businesses by increasing profits as a result of:

- Increased retention of existing employees and attraction of new employees

- Motivated employees; less employee turn-over; employees performing better in their roles and providing excellent customer service

- Greater retention of existing customers and more new customers attracted to the business

- Larger professional networks from which to draw business and improve communication within those networks.


Sessions available include:

- Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

- Grow Your Salon Business with Networking and Personal Selling

- Salon Marketing in a Digitally Savvy World

- Staff Retention

- Manitoba BEST Service Excellence


For more information about the program, including dates and location, please click here.  To register, please contact Luanne Christensen at lchristensen@mtec.mb.ca or (204) 957-7437.

MTEC Programs

emerit programs, by (CTHRC) are synonymous with excellence . . . (read more)

Check out the Manitoba BEST program . . . (read more)

The word Ambassador is generally defined as.... (read more)

SAFE Hospitality helps to support the prevention . . . (read more)

The IGB program has been changed to Serving It Safe, the mandatory program for all liquor license holders . . . (read more)

Interested in employment or are you an employer. . . (read more)